Kenny Provost

Kenny Provost

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CrossFit Level 3 Coach

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The weight room was always a passion for me since middle/high school. I distinctly remember telling my workout buddy and high school friend that I would like to own a gym one day. I always knew how to lift weights. I played football all of my life and through college, and was addicted to pushing my limits in the gym. Looking back, I believe that's why I enjoyed football so much... you spend more time in the gym than you do on the field. However, while I did pursue that passion, I did not actually know how to take care of myself. I graduated college and ended my football career over 300 lbs. I might have appeared strong, and relatively capable, but I was far from healthy, my sport was over, and my self-confidence was waning. While diving into a teaching career, (and after a very scary doctor's check-up) I decided to dedicate myself fully to CrossFit. I became addicted. It felt like a new "sport" came into my life right as one came to a close. The best part, this sport was the gym. It was working out. But it forced me to change the way my body trained, how I moved, what I ate, how I recovered. Everything. I wanted to learn everything I could to build upon what felt like a past-time that has been remixed into something that could change my life for the better. I lost 100 lbs in a year carrying out this obsession. And my feeling of success and boost of self-confidence made me want to share it with everyone around me. And that's when I decided to coach CrossFit for a living. I'm over a decade in, and never looking back.

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