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Ken SR.

Part owner of CrossFit Petoskey, Ken Provost Sr., brings many talents to CrossFit Petoskey.

A longtime resident of Petoskey, Michigan, he is the father of four, grandfather of four more, former Marine, current owner of Birchwood Construction Company based in Harbor Springs, Michigan, rides Harleys, flies airplanes, frequent skier, outdoorsman, entertainer, and of course, avid CrossFitter.

He began his CrossFit experience as an athlete at CrossFit Petoskey near 2010, fell in love with its fitness and nutrition methodology, which, like so many others, turned his health around for the better.


Later, SR, opened a CrossFit gym in Charlevoix, Michigan where he and his son Kenny JR., fell in love with the impact of bringing CrossFit and health to the community around them, eventually growing their impact to back home in Petoskey.

SR currently coaches the morning crew at CrossFit Petoskey on Thursdays where you'll see his love for helping others come to life in drill sergeant form. If you wake up really early, you might see him playing on his favorite machine in the gym, the Concept 2 Row Erg.

Ask SR about his story with #findyourRx and how we do it differently at CrossFit Petoskey.

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