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Community "Shelter"


New Wave Begins

Monday, April 20th

Like many small businesses, the physical space that is CrossFit Petoskey has been shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the membership, the community, the motivation to work, grow, and help others has been anything but canceled.

In an effort to keep our active and healthy lifestyles connected during "shelter," CrossFit Petoskey has created the "Shelter Challenge."

The challenge is focused on keeping our active and healthy lifestyles going in our fitness life, and in the kitchen.

One of the greatest assets we have as a gym is the people that we surround ourselves with, and that is the most important element of the challenge... the accountability to one another. 

  • Weekly Routine Checklists

  • Nutrition Education

  • Mindfulness Activities

  • Virtual Classes and Coaching

  • Online Seminars and Talks

  • Daily Workouts and Video Instruction

Giving Back

All money that was donated to the challenge by participants will be returned to small businesses in the local community and to those in need during this difficult time. There is no charge to participate, but donations below would be greatly appreciated! 

Daily Workouts


Video Instruction

Daily Workouts to perform at home and with little to no equipment.

Video Demonstrations included!

Daily Routine Checklists

Team camaraderie in daily checklists to improve your mood, insure proper nutrition practices and to keep your activity in check!

Virtual Seminars

From nutrition talks, to sleep advice, to gymnastics and olympic training!

Zoom Classes

From the comfort of your own home, participate in daily workouts live with a coach and with the people you love to workout with!


Facebook Group


Feedback Chart

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Nutrition Guidelines

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Week 1 Workouts

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Week 2 Workouts

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Week 3


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