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Becoming a member of our CrossFit community gives you access to all of our class offerings, events, seminars, clinics, etc.

Our CrossFit classes are 60 minute, coach-lead, high-intensity, fitness sessions where you will be closely monitored by an experienced CrossFit Petoskey Coach. These sessions will include everything from cardio, bodyweight/gymnastics, weightlifting, and more! This program is all-inclusive and will cover the needs of all who are looking to get fitter and healthier, even to those looking for high-end performance.

Our memberships are structured on amount of visits to our group classes per week. All membership options have unlimited access to our Open Gym times and our frequently scheduled events and clinics.

All members also have access to our locker rooms and lockers. We do have multiple showers too, for when you're on the go!

In addition to our CrossFit Group Classes is our "Drive" Class. Drive classes are structured similarly to our CrossFit Class but are catered to those looking for more "cardio" and low-to-moderate skilled metabolic conditioning. Think CrossFit, but without the heavier weightlifting elements and higher-level gymnastics movements. All members will have access to Drive class.

If you're not sure how to begin, we recommend you sign up for our 4-Week Foundations course. This course will teach you the foundation of our CrossFit Method, how to scale and progress various movements, and help you understand how we adapt our program for EVERYONE! 


Will have access to our 3-Month intro rates. If you commit to 3-months, we know you'll learn to love this community and this way of achieving health and fitness.

See 3-Month Intro Rates Below!

Monthly Memberships

Unlimited Membership = $150/month

3x/Week Membership = $125/month

Annual Memberships

Unlimited Membership = $1650/year

3x/Week Membership = $1375/year

Spouse Discounts (for unlimited memberships only)

+1 Unlimited Membership = $135/month

Use Code: plusone15

Military, First-Responder, Corporate Discount

10% off per month

Use Code: core10

3-Month Intro Rates

Unlimited 3-Month Intro Membership = $360

3x/Week 3-Month Intro Membership = $300

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