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Late Summer Cycle

As summer is winding itself down, and the routine of fall is on the horizon, it's time to start grabbing our consistency once again and striving toward our personal goals. Now is the best time to stick to a schedule and be diligent --it's the season for STRONG. If you're consistent, you'll be regularly attacking deficiencies and imbalances, squatting with frequency, and building fundamental (strict) gymnastics strength. Get stronger. Stay safer in the gym. PR just about everything. Look better too.

Take a quick glance at the coming weeks in the CrossFit Petoskey Program! The first week we will test out some absolute strength and bodyweight strength numbers, place some multi-modal tests and endurance pieces, and we will retest those numbers in the eighth week!

This will place us right into the typical CrossFit Games Open Season. Whether there is a global competition or not, we will still play the game in-house and test our improvements over the year.

In summary:

Mondays are Squat Day with a nice ping-pong of Back and Front Squats. Sprinkle in some unilateral work. Boom.

Tuesdays are for upper body push-pull circuits in bodybuilding and circuit training fashion.

Wednesdays are for that core work and cardio.

Thursdays and Fridays will be for alternating Bench Press, and strongman/carry days.

No matter where you find yourself on the #findyourRx curve, you'll see improvements in two months of consistent training. You'll be coached and inspired in ways that fit your personal needs and goals.

Keep tracking your progress.

Keep communicating with fellow community members and coaches to find ways to stay accountable to yourself and to others, stay motivated and continue working hard.

And most importantly, have fun!


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