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The inaugural celebration!

In the late summer of 2023, CrossFit Petoskey will be bringing a celebration of fitness, community, and the spirit of competition to the shores of Lake Michigan and our beautiful downtown of Petoskey, Michigan.

CrossFit Petoskey and functional fitness has been an integral part of our Northern Michigan community since 2010. It has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of community members throughout our years. At CrossFit Petoskey everyone has the opportunity to improve their health, their ability and independence, and continue doing what they love inside and outside of the gym, no matter how old or young, big or small, new or experienced.

On September 16th, 2023, at the Petoskey Waterfront, just in front of the famous Petoskey Break Wall we will be doing what we love and what has brought so many of us together. Our celebration will be open to anyone involved in the CrossFit/Functional Fitness Community from near and far, from elite CrossFit athletes to intermediate CrossFit enthusiasts to even 50+ year old CrossFit athletes.

Our structure of competition will be same-sex partner athletes (MM/FF), and we will have THREE divisions.

Female Elite // Male Elite

Female Intermediate // Male Intermediate

Female Masters 50+ // Male Masters 50+

There will be over 150 athletes coming together to compete!

The competition will take place all day long on what we hope to be a beautiful Northern Michigan summer day and include four events for our participating athlete teams. We're not only celebrating what is functional fitness, but using our breathtaking outdoor scenery to facilitate our challenges, from running the Bear River Trail, to swimming off of the pier, to rope climbs against a Northern Michigan Sunset. We will have THREE stages of competition to support our many athletes with very unique elements to make this event a very cool, exciting, and a unforgettably fun to watch experience!

So find your partner, and stay tuned! Please fill out the submission below to stay up to date as we roll details out about this incredible event, from WODs, volunteers, event logistics, and registration dates!

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