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KJ Provost

Kenny Provost is the head coach at CrossFit Petoskey. He was born and raised in Petoskey, Michigan, and is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College where he played four years of collegiate football. 

As competitive strength sports have always been a part of Kenny's life, after his football career CrossFit naturally arrived as a new sport and way of becoming healthy again as his weight tipped over 300lbs. 

Kenny has always enjoyed coaching and teaching as he has taught in various classrooms from Kindergarten to High school, has been the Head Coach of Charlevoix High School's Football team, and now is the Strength and Conditioning Coach, at his Alma Mater, Petoskey High School. 

Kenny is USAW certified, Level 2 CrossFit Coach and Nutrition Coach with a high level competitive history in the Sport of CrossFit. 

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