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Health Rx

  • A health prescription at CrossFit Petoskey reinforces the basics of wellness - scalability of exercise, role of nutrition, and consistency of both.

  • Exercises instructed in specific progressive manner.

  • Emphasis on technique, then consistency of movement, and finally intensity.

  • Accommodations (scaling) meet the athlete where their mobility, limitations, and abilities are at.

  • Learn framework of nutrition.

  • Mindset:  Alot of these folks are new to exercise or certainly new to crossfit.  They are scared to even walk in the front door. Others have had a change in life that has led them to adjust their approach to fitness.

  • Typically health athletes attend 2-3 days per week.

  • Begin in our Foundations Classes twice a week.

  • Education on disease management, basic nutrition, sleep and stress management assist with improving overall wellness.

CrossFit Petoskey Foundations Class!_Eve
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