Start your health journey here...

Our CrossFit Petoskey Foundations Course is a 4-Week commitment to YOUR health. 

This is a small group setting with a great coach-to-student ratio so that you are being closely guided throughout a 60 minute class. 

These classes will take place twice a week, and after four weeks we are confident you will be ready to take on our exciting CrossFit Group Classes.

These eight introductory classes will include but are not limited to:

-What is CrossFit!?

-Introduction to foundational movements and how to move well!

-Baseline Fitness Assessment

-Study Materials

-How CrossFitters EAT!

-Access to our workout tracking software

Next course new schedule!
Monday @ 6:30pm
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Next course:
May 16th through
June 9th

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