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  • A fitness prescription at CrossFit Petoskey enables athletes to better perform their lifestyle activities through variation in workouts at progressive intensity.

  • Learn enhanced efficiency and appropriate movement technique.

  • Striving for improved quality of movement.

  • Consistent attendance 3-5 times per week.

  • Nutrition education helps reinforce already ‘good’ habits, creating more consistent and sustainable behavior.

  • Begin other lifestyle changes through workshops and seminars: mindfulness, stress management, disease management, goal setting.

  • Individual coaching available.

  • Mindset:  Advocates of CrossFit and CrossFit Petoskey.  Routinely bring friends and family to community events or Bring-A-Friend opportunities.  

  • Create a warm welcome to new members to their classes: introduce themselves, ask questions - Can I help you?  Make them feel immediately apart of this community.

Fitness Rx

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