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Metabolic Conditioning is at the foundation of the THREE client prescriptions (health, fitness, and performance) at CrossFit Petoskey.

Increased aerobic capacity produces increased cardiovascular health, the ability to train effectively and safely, and allows for high performing athletes to push through the various demands of their sport.

No matter what your current fitness experience is...


...struggle to perform demanding tasks for long bouts of time,

...have a hard time pushing through enduring CrossFit Workouts,

...are an endurance athlete who wants to gain an edge,

...simply love machine work,

...are brand new to the sport of CrossFit...

CrossFit Petoskey DRIVE can be a great addition to your current training routine.

Expect to experience the regular use of cardio equipment, kettlebells, sandbags, jump ropes, boxes, light barbell cycling, and more!

We invite ALL levels of fitness to join us. 

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